McDonald's Arch Deluxe on

Who can forget this: 'The Burger With the Grown-up Taste.' I never saw what was so grown-up about it; adding more to the mystery was how they advertised it with kids showing opposition to the Arch Deluxe. You may have seen these type of ads on TV or, more prominently, on highway billboards. Thus, the Arch Deluxe had to be one of the most hyped products introduced by McDonalds...and also one of the least healthful by any food chain. According to an issue of Consumer Reports magazine, just one Arch Deluxe contained nearly 600 calories - the near equivalent of 15 Burger King Whoppers. Based on the average diet, that's about 1/4-1/3 of what you need for the whole day! The article put it best: 'Hardly what your arteries need.' I guess the kids DID have every right not to like the Arch Deluxe...who's gonna miss it now? I didn't think so.

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