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Polka dot

Colorful dot pattern, generally triangular or cubic.

Mostly for playfull children's clothing, bathing suits and Bikinis, dishes, package paper, Neckties...

Black and white dot pattern for dancing clothing, skirts, underwear...


They first became common on clothing in the mid to late nineteenth century in Britain, at the same time as polka music. The music, and its corresponding dance, became the height of fashion in Prague in 1835, arriving in London in 1842. The first recorded instance of "polka dot" was in 1884. It was named after the dance, probably because the clothes became fashionable at the same time. The word derives from the Czech word for a polish woman, although it may also owe its origin the the Czech word "pulka", meaning half, as in the half-steps in Bohemian peasant dances.

Polka dot on

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