Qua Vadis

"Where are you going?"


The idea of this wiki is to research memes and fads

  • Collecting fads and informations about them.
    • The amoount of fads from various sources can not do this without many external links in the begining.
  • Explaining, or trying to explain, why something became popular.
  • Sorting them in categories with many templates.
  • Producing collections them.
  • Evolving memes.

In comparison to the WikipediaEdit

  • This wiki mixes short descriptions from wikipedias with content from other sites.
  • This wiki should be more categorized and more linked than the wikipedia.
  • This wiki does not care about most wikipedia policies, only all Wikicities policy. Therefore;

In comparison to ytmndEdit

  • This should include informations about origins and links to popular YTMNDs!
  • This should link in between YTMND fads like an evolutionary tree.
  • This wiki collects information about fads to be used in YTMNDs.

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